Augustus Arnone | Biography

Augustus Arnone is an adventurous pianist who has made a home at the edge of transcendental extremes in the modern repertory. His repertoire includes the complete works for solo piano by Milton Babbitt and Michael Finnissy's complete monumental eleven movement piano cycle, "The History Of Photography In Sound," as well as works by Cage, Xenakis, Stockhausen, Rzewski, Carter, Nono, Lucier, Feldman, Martino, Rakowski, Sierra, Campion and Eckardt. Composers who have written for him include Michael Finnissy, Robert Morris, Christopher Bailey, Yotam Haber, Elizabeth Hoffman, Jeff Snyder, Michael Klingbeil, Elizabeth Adams, Lou Bunk, Spencer Topel, and more. A stalwart champion of the ever controversial Babbitt, Mr. Arnone performed the composer's complete solo piano music on two occasions, first in 2008 at Merkin Concert Hall, New York City, and again in 2016, in honor of the centenary of Babbitt's birth year. He is currently recording the cycle for commercial release. Mr. Arnone has been presented at venues throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn including Merkin Concert Hall, the Issue Project Room, Roulette Concert Space, the cell, the Firehouse Space, Spectrum, and the Greenwich House..

Driven to a large extent by the writings of Marshall McLuhan, Mr. Arnone began the Collide-O-Scope Music series of collaborative concerts in the Spring of 2010 along with composers Stephen Gorbos and Christopher Bailey. The fundamental artistic directive behind these concerts was the simultaneous combination of numerous diverse media forms, both visual and aural, electronic and acoustic. Now in its Ninth Season, the Collide-O-Scope Music concerts, besides featuring cutting-edge ambitious repertoire, have remained experimental and perceptually challenging, mingling the old with the new, and fixed compositional forms with improvisation and musique concrète. Collide-O-Scope Music's debut album, "Eidos," featuring music by Jason Eckardt, Robert Morris, Lou Bunk, and Yotam Haber, is now available for purchase at BandCamp and CDBaby

Mr. Arnone completed his doctoral studies at Cornell University where he studied historical performance practice with Malcolm Bilson. During that time, he presented recitals using period instruments spanning the entire history of the piano, from eighteenth-century five-octave pianos to mid-nineteenth-century precursors to the modern piano. In addition, he was active as a musicologist, focusing research on the music of Brahms and the performing culture of the mid-to-late-nineteenth century. This led to the publication of two articles as well as lecture-presentations at a number of universities, and at the national meeting of the American Musicological Society. Mr. Arnone holds degrees from the Boston Conservatory, the University of Michigan, and a Doctorate in Musical Arts from Cornell University. Principal teachers include Malcolm Bilson, Marilyn Nonken, Logan Skelton, Jonathan Bass, Penelope Crawford, and William Heiles.

Mr. Arnone is also an expert piano technician servicing pianos in Central NJ since 2011. For more information or to make an appointment visit

Collide-O-Scope Music

Augustus Arnone serves as Executive Artistic Director of Collide-O-Scope Music, a contemporary music collective that he founded in 2009. The group has been presented at some of the premiere contemporary music venues in New York City, including The Issue Project Room, Symphony Space, Roulette Concert Space, The Cell, and more. Now in its Tenth Season, the group has offered an eclectic mix of newly composed works and essential classics from the modern repertory. Composers who have written for Collide-O-Scope Music include Yotam Haber,

Milton Babbitt: Tutte Le Corde (1994)

Augustus Arnone performing Milton Babbitt's "Tutte Le Corde," at Spectrum, New York City, March 6, 2016. This performance was part of Mr. Arnone's traversal of the complete solo piano works of Milton Babbitt, in honor of the centenary of the composer's birth year.


Recording: The Complete Piano Works Of Milton Babbitt

Mr. Arnone is currently working on a commercial recording of the complete solo piano works of Milton Babbitt. Arnone first performed this cycle of works in 2008, following it up a second time in 2015/16 in honor of the centenary of Babbitt's birth year. The recordings will be released as a three volume series on the Hanging Bell Records label, a new recording label dedicated to contemporary composition founded by Augustus Arnone. The first volume is projected for release in the Fall of 2019.

"EIDOS" — Collide-O-Scope Music's Debut Album - NOW AVAILABLE

Collide-O-Scope Music's debut album "Eidos" is now available for purchase at BandCamp and CDBaby. The album features music by Yotam Haber, Jason Eckardt, Robert Morris, and COSM co-director Lou Bunk. The album showcases a number of works composed for the group, including two quintets: Yotam Haber's "Estro Poetico-Armonico II," commisioned by the group through the Fromm Foundation for New Music, and Lou Bunk's "Fortune." Both quintets draw from the music of antiquity, with Haber's re-composing music of Benedetto Marcello, and Bunk's re-composing music of Machaut. Another work of Bunk's on the album is his delicately evocative work for two pianos, "A Shadow On The White," performed here by co-Director Augustus Arnone and the eminent contemporary music champion, Marilyn Nonken. Also on the album will be two works by Robert Morris, "Yugen" and "Foray," the latter of which was composed for Arnone in 2016. Finally, the album includes the darkly provocative "Rendition," for piano and clarinet, by Jason Eckardt. This album is released on the Hanging Bell Records label.

Collide-O-Scope Music wins Koussevitsky Commission for new work for Soprano and mixed ensemble by Yotam Haber

COSM has commissioned its second major ensemble work by Yotam Haber through the Koussevitsky Commissioning program. The new work, for soprano and mixed ensemble, will be featured in 2020 in a special concert celebrating COSM's Tenth Season of contemporary music concerts in New York City.

"The History Of Photography in Sound" named to NY Classical Review's Top Ten Performances of 2015

Between 2014 and 2105, Mr. Arnone became one of only three pianists to perform Michael Finnissy's complete 11 movement piano cycle, "The History Of Photography in Sound." The performances took place over four concerts at Spectrum, New York City. The final concert, completing the cycle, was presented as part of a four concert festival with the composer in attendance. The festival featured performances by Michael Norsworthy and Daniel Beilman, with the composer at the piano, The International Contemporary Ensemble (ICE), Collide-O-Scope Music, and Arnone's solo recital, which was recently named to NY Classical Review's Top Ten Performances of 2015. A full review of the concert is available at

Upcoming Performances

6September, 2019

Spectrum, New York - Steinway D Arrival Marathon Concert

23September, 2019

Collide-O-Scope Music at William Paterson University
Music by Berg, Xenakis, Shepherd, Link, and Babbitt

14December, 2019

Solo Recital at Spectrum, New York
"The Romantic (re)Generation" music by Donald Martino, Michael Finnissy, and Chris Bailey


Current Season

September 6, 2019, 7:00pm

Spectrum, New York: Steinway D Arrival Marathon Concert

Spectrum, New York presents a two-concert mini-series showcasing some of New York's premiere pianists. Performances by Augustus Arnone, Taka Kigawa, Melody Fader, Shiau-Uen Ding, Ethan Iverson, Steve Beck, Jacob Rhodebeck, Kathleen Supove, and many more
Spectrum, 70 Flushing Ave., Brooklyn, NY

September 23, 2019, 7:00pm

Collide-O-Scope Music
Augustus Arnone, piano, Maja Cerar, violin, Marianne Gythfeldt, clarinet

Alban Berg: 4 Pieces For Clarinet And Piano, Opus 5 (1913)
Iannis Xenakis: Mists(1981)
Sean Shepherd: the birds are nervous, the birds have scattered(2008)
John Link: Only Human(<2005)
William Paterson University New Music Concert Series
Shea Center For The Performing Arts

Past Seasons

2018/19 Season

Thursday, May 30, 2019, 8:00pm

Collide-O-Scope Music

Electronic works by Lou Bunk, Christopher Bailey, and Margaret Schedel
Arete Gallery, 67 West St., Brooklyn, NY

Wednesday, June 5, 2019, 8:30pm

Collide-O-Scope Music
Augustus Arnone, piano, Marianne Gythfeldt, clarinet, Dorota Czerner, poetry reading

Iannis Xenakis: Mists (1980)
Georges Aperghis: Simulacre IV (1995)
Augustus Arnone: Fireflies II (2019) ** World Premiere
Sean Shepherd: The birds are nervous, the birds have scattered (2007)
Michael Finnissy: Recent Britain (1997-98)
Marc A Scorca Recital Hall, National Opera Center, 330 7th Ave., New York, NY



Collide-O-Scope Music: "EIDOS"

Collide-O-Scope Music performs music of Yotam Haber, Lou Bunk, Robert Morris, and Jason Eckardt.


The Complete Solo Piano Works Of Milton Babbitt

A three volume set of the iconic American serialist's piano works. Augustus Arnone, piano.


Milton Babbitt

The Complete Works for Solo Piano
Three Compositions for Piano
Semi-Simple Variations
Minute Waltz
Playing For Time
My Complements To Roger
Tutte Le Corde
About Time
Canonical Form
Takes 12 To Tango
Preludes, Interludes, and Postlude
The Old Order Changeth
Allegro Penseroso

Christopher Bailey

Meditation 3(2006)

Bela Bartok

Piano Concerto no. 2
Piano Concerto no. 3

Ludwig van Beethoven

Variations on an Original Theme, Op.35 ("Eroica Variations")

Pierre Boulez

Piano Sonata no. 2

Johannes Brahms

Sonata Op. 1, C Major
Variations on a Theme by Schumann Op. 9
Ballades Op. 10
Variations on an Original Theme Op. 21 no. 1
Variations on a Theme by Handel Op. 24
Klavierstücke Op. 76
Klavierstücke Op. 116
Klavierstücke Op. 117
Klavierstücke Op. 118
Klavierstücke Op. 119

John Cage

Music Of Changes
Etudes Australes Books I & II

Edmund Campion

Natural Selection

Elliot Carter

Piano Sonata

Claude Debussy

Etudes Book I
Etudes Book II
La Plus Que Lent
La cathèdrale engloutie

Jason Eckardt

Tango Clandestino(1997)

Morton Feldman

Palais De Mari

Michael Finnissy

Brahms-Lieder (2015) (**written for Augustus Arnone)
The History Of Photography In Sound (complete)
Chapter 1: Le démon de l'analogie (2000)
Chapter 2: Le réveil de l'intraitable réalité (1999)
Chapter 3: North American Spirituals (1998)
Chapter 4: My Parents' Generation Thought War Meant something (1999)
Chapter 5: Alkan-Paganini (1997)
Chapter 6: Seventeen Immortal Homosexual Poets (1997)
Chapter 7: Eadweard Muybridge - Edvard Munch (1997)
Chapter 8: Kapitalistische Realisme (mit Siziliänische Männerakte und Bachsche Nachdichtungen) (1999-2000)
Chapter 9: Wachtend op de volgende uitbarsting van repressie en censuur (2000)
Chapter 10: Unsere Afrikareise (1998)
Chapter 11: Etched bright with sunlight (1999-2000)

Stephen Gorbos

Chez Monk (2008)
Surely Some Revelation? (2006)

Yotam Haber

Etude 3
Etude 5.1

Michael Klingbeil

Monoliths & Interludes (2003)
Vers La Courbe (2012) (**written for Augustus Arnone)

Donald Martino

Fantasies & Impromptus

Robert Morris

Foray (2016) **written for Augustus Arnone
Sabi (1998)
39 Webern Variations (2010)
Entellechy (2012)

Luigi Nono

...Sofferte Onde Serene...

David Rakowski

Zipper Tango
Eight Misbehavin'
Cell Division

Maurice Ravel

Gaspard de la Nuit

Frederic Rzewski

Four Piano Pieces(1977)

Roberto Sierra

Piezas Imaginarias
Segundo Álbum De Boleros (2017)

Karlheinz Stockhausen


Iannis Xenakis